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Real Testimonials: These CA Drivers Are Happy They Hired The Ticket Hitman

Satified Clients that Refer Our ServiceDear TicketHitMan.com, I had so many points on my driving record, there was no way i could afford another ticket. DMV would probably have taken my license away if it were not for you and your crew. Thanks to your service, I was able to keep that ticket off my record. Glad I hired a hit man! I will definitely pass your website on to my friends.”
I got two tickets in a 3 week time period, not a good month. One for speeding (radar) and the other for supposedly not stopping at a stop sign. I knew they would've cost me a bundle, so I tried Ticket HitMan, and they got BOTH MY TICKETS DISMISSED!!! The process is simple, fill out papers and send in. They handle the rest! The hardest part is waiting. Thanks TicketHitman!.”
I highly recommend using Tickethitman if you receive a ticket. For only $172, they were able to get my case dismissed, which meant I saved $242, didn't have to go to traffic school and/or points on my driving record. The process the from beginning to end was easy and if I ever receive another ticket, I will use Tickethitman..”
Received today the "Decision and Notice of Decision" from the Court, on the Traffic Ticket. With the smart know-how of the Ticketman, the Court dismissed the Traffic Ticket because: "no response from the acting(Police) Officer". Saved $233. - and points on the Insurance. It took the Court 86 Days to decide , just like the Ticketman sad, but the outcome...Fantastic! It was very easy to give all the information the Ticketman needed, and the Associate were always available. The Fees from Ticketman $172.- includet postage. Well worth it! I will use the Ticketman again! Thanks again Ticketman.”
My insurance agent suggested I pick a Ticket Lawyer from any freeway sign, and I am so glad I picked TicketHitMan. They were very professional from start to finish and were successful at getting my $450 ticket dismissed. In addition to saving me money, I also do not have the points on my insurance, which saves me additional money. I am so satisfied with their services-I highly recommend them!.”
I was so thankful that my brother-in-law gave me your website address. I knew I had come to a complete stop at that intersection and was thrilled that my case was dismissed. I didn’t even have to go to court and face that cop! Thank you TicketHitMan.”
I was so depressed when I got my speeding ticket. When I told my Dad, instead of getting mad, he told me to call you. He told me that he used you for his ticket and got his money back. That 2 month’s wait to hear back from the court was grueling but in the end I WON and BOOM I got my money back too. I don’t know how you did it but I’m sure happy you did.”

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