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Our Pricing and the True Cost of a Traffic Ticket

Before reading about our pricing, take a look at the estimated COST of a typical Red Light Ticket for a middle-aged male with one prior ticket.

Check the True Cost of a Speeding or Traffic Ticket

  • Ticket Cost: $200 + court and administration fees + Insurance Premium (approx): $5,995 annual for a Standard Insurance Policy, a male driving 6 to 8 years in Los Angeles with one prior ticket. This infraction carries one violation point on client’s record, which could increase the auto insurance premium by 30% or $1,798.
  • Say that same driver gets a Speeding Ticket. The ticket cost alone can be well over $500!

Our service is just:

Minor Violations - Cell phone and Seatbelt tickets Cost $99  ($49 Service Fee and $50 Document Processing Fee)

All Other Violations - $189 ($79 Service Fee and $110 Document Processing Fee)


At TicketHitMan.com, we keep our prices affordable, and best of all, we have a Service Fee Refund.  If your ticket isn't dismissed, you are eligible to receive a refund of our service fee, less anything reduced by the court (subject to our terms and conditions)


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*We offer a Service Fee Refund
Subject to our Terms & Conditions