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Dispute Traffic Tickets in California with a HitMan, a Ticket HitMan

We’re glad you’ve decided to hire a HitMan, a Ticket HitMan. Our goal is to help you contest and dispute your Traffic Tickets. After your account has been set up, you will be on your way to fighting your Traffic Ticket.

In order to contest and dispute traffic tickets, we use a process that includes a Trial by Written Declaration. The California Vehicle Code, Section 40902, allows the defendant (you the cited driver) to contest citations in writing, without having to make a personal appearance in court. A Trial by Written Declaration option is available in cases involving infractions of the Vehicle Code or of local ordinances of the Vehicle Code. Violations eligible for a Trial by Written Declaration must be infractions only. This option is not available for Misdemeanors and cases involving accidents.

Here are some of the things that we have seen used to dispute a traffic ticket:

  • addressing an action was necessary to “Avoid Harm”
  • calling into question the officer’s “subjective conclusion” and “observations” about your action
  • showing that a “Mistake of Fact” was made
  • arguing that certain actions were “Legally Justified”

Here are some excerpts from actual Trial By Written Declarations we have prepared for customers:

“I would like to inform the court, the alleged speed the officer has indicated on my citation is incorrect. It appears the officer has relied upon a radar unit to assess the speed I was driving. I would like to inform the court; the officer appeared behind me and signaled to pull over. At no point did the officer have a clear line of sight on my car alone to determine the speed I was driving.”

“Within a short time of being stopped at the light, the light turned green. However, the vehicle in front of me did not proceed through the intersection. Instead the vehicle remained at a standstill. Making sure the lane to the left of me was open and clear free from approaching vehicles, I proceeded to make a safe and practical lane change to the left turn lane as the white line for the lane which I was in was clearly broken. I would like the court to take into consideration, I signaled and made sure the lane was open and clear prior to making the left lane change. Within a short time of making the lane change, I was able to safely proceed past the vehicle and back to the right lane.”

“I was pulled over and cited for violation 22350 (VC). However the alleged speed indicated on the citation is incorrect. At no point was I ever traveling an unsafe speed as indicated on the citation. In this case, it was clear and easy to see the roadway and traffic. I was driving at a speed that was reasonable and prudent having due regard for weather visibility, the traffic and the surface and width of the roadway. In no event was I traveling at a speed which endangered the safety of persons or property. The weather was clear; the roadway was dry and free of debris. No persons and or property were endangered whatsoever. I am being charged with violation 22350. Although I was not traveling the speed the officer had written on my citation, the speed that I was driving was safe for conditions. It appears that the officer used radar requiring a valid engineering and traffic survey, justifying the posted speed limit on Cherokee Blvd [People vs. Goulet 1992]. Without the valid engineering survey, the deputy is incompetent to offer his visual estimation. In prosecution under vehicle code section 22350 (VC), the record must contain substantial evidence from which a fact finder could conclude either that the defendant drove at a speed that endangered people or property or that he drove at a speed that was unreasonable for driving conditions. The record does not contain information from which any particular speed could be found reasonable or unreasonable. The record herein is devoid of sufficient evidence to sustain a conviction for Vehicle Code 22350”

These excerpts show the attention to detail that our ticket experts use to help you dispute your traffic tickets. For more help to dispute traffic tickets, please call a HitMan, A Ticket HitMan for more information at 1-866-204-7557.

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