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How It's Done: Beating Traffic Tickets Using Trial By Written Declaration

Before we talk about how to beat traffic tickets, we should explain a few terms that you may or may not be familiar with:

POINTS – Points are what show up on your California driving record and can cause your license to be revoked or suspended depending on the number you have in a given period of time. If found guilty of your traffic ticket, traffic infraction or traffic violation, after you pay your fine, points may show up on your DMV record unless you can go to traffic school. If the court lets you go to traffic school and you turn in your proof of completion of traffic school to the court before the deadline, the points should not show up on your record. If you get points on your record, your insurance company may ask you to pay more for insurance because of this, or they may cancel your policy and tell you to find insurance elsewhere. Points can stay on your record for 3 to 7 years.

BAIL AMOUNT – Amount of fines and/or fees that must be paid for the traffic infraction, traffic violation or traffic ticket. As required by the court, when using a Trial by Written Declaration, you must pay your bail (the fine of your ticket) up-front when processing your paperwork. When you mail your documents include a check payable to Superior Court for your bail amount. If you do not know the bail amount or if you have not received your courtesy notice from the court, call the court to get the bail amount for your citation. Will you get your bail back if found “not guilty”? Yes. If you are found “not guilty”, within 60-90 days, the court will return the bail to the person that paid it.

TRIAL BY WRITTEN DECLARATION – or TR-205. The California Vehicle Code, Section 40902, allows the defendant (you, the cited driver) to contest citations in writing, without having to make a personal appearance in court. A Trial by Written Declaration is available in cases involving infractions of the Vehicle Code or of local ordinances of the Vehicle Code. Violations eligible for a Trial by Written Declaration must be infractions only. Misdemeanors and cases involving accidents are ineligible for a Trial by Written Declaration

Now that you are familiar with terms used to explain how to beat your traffic ticket, let’s discuss the process of how to beat your traffic tickets. First, click on “ START NOW ” above and tell us about your traffic tickets. Create a secure account with TicketHitMan.com so that you can return at any time to review the status of your ticket or to add another ticket you may have.

Next, tell us about your court information, what type of driver you are, and a few of your wishes. Then choose your payment preference.

In order to prepare the most complete and accurate Trial by Written Declaration for you, we will need you to tell us about the traffic, the road conditions, the officer, and the vehicle you were ticketed in. You can do this online now, using our easy forms and navigation, or at a more convenient time, you can return and log back into your TicketHitMan.com account.

Once you have gone through these steps to beat your traffic tickets, our experts will run with it from there, preparing a complete and accurate Trial by Written Declaration for you while meeting al the deadlines and due date for your ticket.

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