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How the TicketHitMan.com Process Works to Beat Your Traffic Ticket

  1. Click on “START NOW” above.
  2. Tell us about your traffic tickets.
  3. To help us begin the Trial by Written Declaration process for you, create an account with TicketHitMan.com so that you can return at any time and review the status of your ticket or to add another ticket you may have.
  4. Tell us about your court information, what type of driver you are, and a few of your wishes.
  5. Choose your payment preference and information.
  6. Help us complete your Trial by Written Declaration by telling us about the traffic, the road conditions, the officer, and the vehicle you were ticketed in. You can do this now or at a time more convenient for you by logging back into your TicketHitMan.com account.

Upon completion, we will give you specific instructions on printing out a few forms, signing them and popping them in the mail with your Bail check made out to the court and your TicketHitMan.com payment if one has yet to be made online.

THEN, sit back and wait for word that your ticket has been dismissed.

TicketHitMan.com uses a proven and very successful process that helps California clients get traffic tickets dismissed without going to court, eliminates points on their driving record and saves up to 30% of their automobile insurance premiums.

TicketHitMan.com is so confident that your ticket will be dismissed or reduced, we offer a SERVICE FEE REFUND subject to terms and conditions.

Start the process now with no obligation and no money required today. TicketHitMan.com provides superior traffic ticket experts at your disposal and flexibility in communications.

*We offer a Service Fee Refund
Subject to our Terms & Conditions